1. A wonderful paired-back 70’s inspired look shot by photographer Nicole Demeshik.

  2. Beautiful photography by Hill & Aubrey

  3. The amazing Kate Bellm.

  4. Totally Loving Kate Bellm’s amazing photography right now! So bright, vivid and playful… Makes you wish you were there!

  6. Rockabilly brakedancers in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo


  7. I Love Phillip Lim

    I first fell in love with Phillip Lim back in 2007. Looking at his catwalk shows, it was clear to see that true talent came in the form of delivering style, a cool edge and newness through effortless simplicity. 

    Lim has done it again in his A/W 2013 campaign. The behind-the-scenes shots featuring Tokyo’s finest rockabilly characters make you want to be there in the way that his clothes make you want to be in them. 


  8. Pretty Mischief

    Worn-out, rolled-up dungarees and a prim plaid over coat shouldn’t work but in this instance I am wrapped around her little finger. The tomboy charm of this look makes me wonder if she has galvanised conkers in her pockets.


  9. Grunge Meets Suave on the Street


    Dungarees have been a serious ‘no-go’ zone for me for a long time… Then came along DKNY’s Spring / Summer 2014 runway looks. Along with dreamy editorials, hot street style shots and stylists embracing the ‘Amish Grunge’ piece of apparel, it is clear that DKNY’s uber sophisticated take is the dungaree tipping point. Who can resist the fresh look of pairing together a chic trench, masculine tailoring, lady-like pointed flats, an understated baseball cap and effortlessly low slung dungarees?

    The ‘sidewalk’ runway and graffiti backdrop enhance the outfit’s embodiment of a city of contrasts. Echoing the very essence of NYC and the attraction of the brand, the juxtaposition of the serious clean lines dressed alongside the care-free, casual and lightly distressed denim is irresistible. 

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